Strategic HR Gamification

In this two-day workshop you will learn how to apply Gamification to improve employee engagement, based on award-winning and scientifically proven Culture4Gamification methodology.

In this course different areas of Gamification will be covered.  You’ll learn the basics concepts, ways of thinking, motivating and designing in gamification and will discover a series of tips and real examples of businesses that used Gamification to great results.

EXPLORE how Gamification affect engagement and improve business results
LEARN essential strategies to dramatically improve employees engagement through Gamification
KEEP UPDATED to the most effective approach to Gamification in business, the Culture4Gamification approach
SELECT the most appropriate Gamification mechanics to improve HR processes
BEST PRACTICES in HR Gamification
DEVELOP an Internal Gamification Strategy and a roadmap
MASTER  workflow modeling in Culture4Gamification 
EXPLORE and gain experience in building gamification aesthetics, dynamics and mechanics 


  • Understand the concept of Gamification
  • Developing own strategy plan for Gamification in HR
  • Understanding the importance of Motivation 3.0 in the Gamification process
  • Learn how to gamify through Culture4Gamification approach
  • Understanding what types and stages of HR processes can be gamified
  • Learn to recognise types of players and how to keep them motivated to stay in the game
  • Aesthetics, dynamics and mechanics of Gamification
  • Designing the Gamification journey

Gamification has gained a lot of attention lately as a method to engage employees, customers and build loyalty. Using gamification, HR executives and their teams can create a more interactive, rewarding and attentive workforce. 

Discover why gamification programs have great power to trigger motivation and influence employees behavior.
How does it work? Gamification is the usage of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game scenarios such as business environment and processes, specifically in idea management, knowledge management, recruitment, training and development, onboarding and trainee programs and motivation; in order to engage employees and solve real life problems.

The mission of this workshop is to understand and embrace the concepts of Gamification thinking & design in particular in Human Resources in order to incorporate engagement, fun, mastery and autonomy for employees by using the tools & techniques for Gamification.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to come up with a complete Gamification plan for any HR project. You will master the basics of aesthetics, dynamics and mechanics of Gamification. You will understand the importance in interaction of important elements and components.

At this interactive two-day workshop Emir Dzanic and Snjezana Slabek will pass their skills on Gamification design and building a culture of Gamification. The participants will work together through best practices and will go through the expertly designed Gamification canvas and finally build their own Gamification roadmap.

Learn more about Culture4Gamification – from the interview with co-authors of Culture4Gamification methodology

24th & 25th November 2019
Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates

27th & 28th November 2019
The Ritz- Carlton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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