Motivation 3.0

When we talk about motivation to develop a creative and innovative work environment, we may encounter our own limitations and that in the toolbox of familiar tools we feel the lack of those who are truly effective.

Our business system for motivating workers, which for years has been built mainly around external motivators, could fail here.
Can we pay someone to be innovative?
Or that he has a heart to cooperate in discovering and developing new concepts?
In the last half century, a multitude of motivation-themed experiments were conducted to address creative and conceptual challenges.

Today, Science agrees that the introduction of external prizes can only be effective on shorter paths, moreover, it can narrow the focus and weaken long-term motivation. In order for the innovation Zone to truly live, it is necessary to think of a few important details. Proper motivation is certainly a key element of a healthy innovative culture in the organization. It is probably clear to us that the method of “carrot and beatings” does not work here, and although we have incorporated it into all the pores of the business and built the systems we are working on today, in this case we will have to replace it with a more efficient model.

Often we are not aware that the motivators on the principle of “carrots and beatings” have exactly the opposite effect of the desire to awaken in the workers a passion for the creation of new values. The proper system of motivating and building a zone of innovation can recognize and strengthen the internal forces and use them for our own transformation.

Just as smart cities today strive to make the most of the technology and potentials of all citizens, and smart-companies find new systems of motivating and engaging workers to strengthen their values and survival in a never-more complex and uncertain business environment.


By participating in this workshop, you learn what are the main elements of motivation that affects creativity and innovation.
This education is intended for all those who want to apply motivators 3.0 in their processes, thus launching an innovative spirit in their organizations.

  • What is the motivation
  • Motivation 1.0 and 2.0
  • Motivation 3.0. – For creativity and collaboration in the digital age
  • Digital Movers – Culture4Innovation model
  • Autonomy
  • Excellence
  • Cooperation
  • The purpose 
  • Gamification and motivation for creativity
  • Application of Motivation 3.0 to create effective processes

Trajanje: Od 1 do 3 dana.