Measuring organizational culture and its innovation maturity is an important part of the management of ideas and innovations, and today is a major challenge for companies.
It is extremely important to recognize your strong and less strong points and develop models of development that will result in the greatest success.

Measurement and monitoring of innovation culture is increasingly sought in successful companies. 

Through our author metric Metrics4Innovation, scientifically validated, we include the measurement of two key concepts through four dimensions and 18 indicators.

All questionnaires are validated and scientific:

Dzanic E., (2018), Organizational Culture and open innovation: The case of a large food processing company, IEDC, IEDC Bled School of Management, Bled, Slovenia, Mentor: Marcel Bogers, University of Copenhagen.

Dimensions of the organization’s digital readiness:

  • Products
  • Processes – Production and technology
  • Organization
  • Advertising and positioning
  • Ecological aspects


Dimensions of open innovations:

  • Digital innovation – How is digital involved in innovation processes
  • Digital technology
  • Digital Culture – This is the area of intersection of technology and culture


Dimensions of the organizational culture type:

  • Clan – similar to family companies
  • Adhocracy – Dynamic working environment with creative and intrapreneur environment.
  • Hierarchy – Formal rules are an important; formalized and structured environment.
  • Market Culture (Market) – Organization oriented towards the results.

Dimensions of functional characteristics of culture:

  • How do we manage the change?
  • How do we reach our goals?
  • How do we coordinate teamwork?
  • Are we customer oriented?
  • How strong is our culture?
  • What type of motivation and discipline are dominant in the organization? (traditional, progressive, affirmative)