Innovation Masterclass Workshop

Innovation Masterclass – Strategic role of innovating in the company

We will help you create a strategic plan important for your organization’s innovation future.
How to innovate in an organization?
What are business models, tools and trends?
How to build a zone of innovation within an organization?
Through 8 key topics, familiarize yourself with all the important parts of building an innovation strategy and a culture of innovation in the organization.

In the digital era we are witnessing rapid changes, society is becoming more complex and unpredictable. Our customers, employees, business models, markets, advertising methods are changing, and disruptive innovations are happening at a speed that is difficult to follow.

Therefore, the ability to innovate is your greatest strength!

If you want to make the most of your potential and prepare strategically for faster and more efficient innovation, this is the workshop for you.


By participating in this workshop, prepare for the future through familiarity with approaches, tools and methods to accelerate the development of an innovative culture in your organization.
This education is intended for anyone who wants to start an innovative spirit in their organizations in an organized and efficient way.

  • Building an organizational holistic strategy for innovation
  • Types of innovations
  • Disruptive Innovations
  • Culture of innovation-how to motivate employees?
  • Employee driven innovation – innovating with employees
  • Open Innovation – innovating with the community
  • Design thinking and creative techniques to stimulate innovation
  • Innovation and digital transformation
  • Trends, tools and methods
  • Making roadmaps of ideas and innovations management for the company