Gamification implies the use of design and strategy from gaming in the business world, primarily for solving real business situations.  Gamification today, in the digital age, has become an indispensable tool in communicating with employees, clients, consumers.

The aim of this unique workshop is to familiarize attendants with basic concepts, ways of thinking, motivating and designing in the gamification, in order to increase the engagement and involvement of their target group by successfully applying the work learned in the business.

 At the end of workshop you will be able to create a complete gamification plan for any project.  You will master the basics of aesthetics, dynamics and the mechanics of gamification. You will understand the importance and interdependence of all elements and involved parts.

You will familiarize yourself with numerous examples and analyses of successful gamification systems and inspire new successes.


You will familiarize yourself with the trends and the latest research in the field of gamification and their application in business. 

You will learn to use the latest technologies and design your own creative processes through which you will achieve the maximum engagement of your employees.

 Gamification Basics

  • What is and what is not gamification
  • Theory and elements of the game
  • Ludification of Culture and gamification
  • Player types
  • Types of activities regarding types of players
  • Staying in the “flow”


Motivation and engagement

  • Theories of motivation we use in gamification
  • Ways of applying motivation theories in practice
  • What is engagement and how to achieve it…
  • Structure and process of innovation
  • Ways of involving employees and communities



  • Culture4Gamification Model Canvas
  • What is the mission and how to define it
  • Main messages, aesthetics of gamification
  • Defining goals and challenges – mechanics and dynamics
  • Gamification tools; how to stimulate extrinsic and intrinsic motivations
  • Gamification strategies
  • Types of gamification


  •  Creating gamification project
    Group work