From idea to business model

Business Model Canvas is an innovative approach to business planning.
This business model describes how an organization creates, provides and capitalizes value. It is applicable on small projects, on complex programs and on business operations. The workshop participants will learn the difference between the (classic) business plan, Lean Canvas and Business Model Canvas, familiarise themselves with the basic elements of the model and learn to compose a model of business planning based on their own ideas for their own project or business.


By participating in this workshop, prepare for the future through familiarity with approaches, tools and methods to accelerate the development of an innovative culture in your organization. This education is intended for anyone who wants to start an innovative spirit in their organizations in an organized and efficient way.

  • What are innovations
  • Types of innovations
  • Disruptive Innovations
  • Business Model Canvas – basics
  • Analysis of modern successful business models
  • How to innovate within the Business Model Canvas
  • Red Ocean/Blue Ocean
  • Analysis of competition through Business Model Canvas