Employee Driven Innovation – Workshop

Employee driven Innovation (EDI) is a relatively new concept consisting of a range of approaches, methods and targeted activities that encourage employees within the organization to contribute to addressing organizational challenges with their ideas and innovations. 
During this education, attendants will be familiar with ways of motivating employees to innovate (motivation 3.0) and with different activities and ways of successfully building an internal zone of innovation.  Attendants will familiarize themselves with key drives that drive people to create and innovating and will learn which tools and methods to use, given their organization’s maturity.

Through a carefully built and arranged system for Employee driven Innovation (EDI), the organization will ensure its long-term innovative ability and maximize awareness and use of its internal potentials.   The EDI system will allow the organization to recognize and direct its creative, its subculture of innovators. Through their recognition, acceptance and development organizations will support and encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, learning, development and diversity. This will change the culture of the organization and encourage a positive approach to tackling challenges.    

Through this seminar, attendants will be introduced to different methods and approaches in the management of ideas, with particular emphasis on methods of stimulating creativity and building a zone of innovation.


By participating in this workshop, you are prepared to create an effective idea management system that comes from your employees through familiarity with approaches, tools and methods to speed up the management of ideas in your organization.
This education is intended for anyone who wants to start innovative in their organizations in an organized and efficient way.

Where to start

  • Building a holistic approach within the organization
  • Connectivity to the business strategy
  • Leadership and innovation
  • Design of the system; Process, organization, legal framework, digital system, education and events
  • Tools and methods
  • Defining goals and challenges


Motivation 3.0 – Motivation for creativity in the digital age

  • What drives innovation
  • Key drivers for innovation
  • Appreciative Inquiry; Positive approach
  • Storytelling
  • Gamification and management of ideas organized


Innovation Zone

  • Basic functions
  • How to build your innovation zone
  • Design Thinking
  • Disney’s creative strategy


Digital Transformation and innovation

  • Innovation in the volatile world
  • Drives to innovating in the digital age
  • Online platforms – Basic functions
  • Track progress from idea to project


Employee driven innovation – critical points


  • Creating challenges
  • Structured and continuous collection of ideas
  • How to deal with a lot of ideas
  • Selection of Ideas
  • How to get extremely high-quality ideas
  • Who can evaluate ideas?
  • Rewarding creativity
  • What to do with all ideas collected?
  • Development of ideas 
  • Work on ideas to prototyping; internal creative garages


The context of managing ideas and innovations

  • Successful practices
  • Measuring the impact of new ideas/innovations
  • Management of ideas and sustainable development