Why choose Culture4Innovation Academy?

Because the CULTURE4INNOVATION Business Academy offers a unique-holistic and integrated approach to the development of ideas and innovation management systems in organizations, focusing on the development of an organizational innovative culture.

Because by applying the most modern tools and methods learned through this academy, you will organize your innovation processes in a modern way, start an innovative spirit in your organization, and support your innovator’s subculture.

Because by applying Culture4Innovation methodology, you will encourage and unleash your creativity and increase the engagement and satisfaction of your employees, while increasing the competitiveness of the organization.

This academy will help you build your INNOVATION ZONE.

Create your specific “roadmap” to establish a modern and holistic system for managing ideas and innovations in your organization.

By using the knowledge and skills learned at this academy you will build a unique innovation zone.

Include all of your employees and partners and build a sustainable and long-term model that will bring you competitive advantage on the market.

What are you going to learn?

At the end of the Culture4Innovation Academy you will be able to create a complete, holistic and integrated plan-Roadmap for the introduction of ideas and innovation management systems for your organization. Business model innovation, Design thinking, gamification, employee driven innovation… are just some of the methods and techniques that you will learn to successfully use in the business.

You will learn the basics from all 8 key areas important for successful management of ideas and innovations in your organization. You will understand the importance and interdependence of all sectors and involved parts of the innovation system in the organization.

You will get acquainted with a number of examples and analyses of successful ideas and innovations in the world and inspire new successes.

You will familiarize yourself with the trends and the latest research in the field of organizational management of ideas and innovations from social and economic sciences and their application in business. 

You will learn to use the latest social technologies and design your own creative processes through which you will achieve the maximum engagement of your employees.


All students at the end of the program receive a certificate confirming their competences to successfully manage the ideas and innovations management system and become licensed CULTURE4INNOVATION PRACTITIONERS.

Module 1: Strengthening capacity for innovation

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Types of innovation
  • Ways of innovating
  • Business model Innovation
  • Status analysis

Module 2: Open Innovation & Employee Driven Innovation

  • Models
  • Structure and process of innovation
  • Ways of involving employees and communities

Module 3: Organizational Culture for innovation

  • Leadership 
  • Creative Techniques
  • Design Thinking

Module 4 – Integrated innovation system

  • Making roadmaps for the organization