Creative techniques

In this workshop, master several different creative techniques and learn how you can use them in different business situations, primarily for designing conceptual solutions, fostering cooperation, increasing productivity and innovation.

Learn Walt Disney’s creative technique, design thinking, round-table, 6 Hats and different problem-solving methods. 

Through this interactive workshop you will learn creative techniques whose application will help you in everyday business situations.

You will also get acquainted with a series of examples and cases that will help you to better understand the matter. You will learn how to inspire your own creativity, as well as the creativity of the team and how to quickly and efficiently get to the solution.

  • What is creativity and how we can develop it
  • Creative Working environment
  • Problem-solving exercises
  • The specifics of design thinking
  • Design Thinking Framework
  • Walt Disney – a strategy of creativity
  • Round-table technique – How to capture the creativity of a group
  • Defining/redefining problems
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • 6 hats – 6 hat technique
  • Practical Exercise
  • Group work: Applying techniques on concrete examples
  • Joint discussion