Innovation culture – an indicator of successful and growing companies

Culture4Innovation Organizational accreditation is the quality standard of organizational management of ideas and innovations assigned by Cambridge Innovative System Solutions, Ltd.  and which confirms competences for employers in conducting management of ideas and innovation on several levels; strategic, organizational, procedural and human resources management.

In addition to making innovative companies more competitive, they also have a much greater chance of survival and development in the complex business environment of the digital era in which we live.

But in order to truly live the innovation culture in one company, there is a need for synergy between different departments and the involvement of all participants.

In the process of assessing the current level of innovative maturity with existing practices, we use the internationally scientifically validated method METRICS4INNOVATION.  METRICS4INNOVATION is a strategic tool that provides management with insight into the current situation and makes recommendations for further development. 

Recommendations are given in 8 areas.

After assessing the current state, we make a plan necessary to reach the next level. Through the accreditation process, we empower the company and make it capable of vital innovation.

Cooperation of all company sectors is necessary in the implementation of the standardization process.

Through the CULTURE4INNOVATION methodology, all phases of innovation that occur in the company are covered.

By applying certain tools, methods and approaches, companies are gradually building up their INNOVATION ZONE, which includes all employees ( Employee Driven Innovation) and external stakeholders (Open Innovation).

Through the certification program we support you in researching, training and reinforcing the development of your innovative culture.

Use different modern tools and technologies to achieve a strong innovation culture and secure your future!



Establishing a strategically important innovation process.

Establishing an organizational system of ideas and innovation management.

Drastically increasing utilization of internal potential for innovation.

Opening an organization for ideas from ecosystems.


Employees who are motivated to share and develop new ideas.

The pleasure of working in an innovative company.

The development of loyalty and trust.

8 Areas of Change

Through the certification process, the company strengthens its capacity in 8 areas:

  1. Strategy and processes for innovation
  2. Culture and Leadership for innovation
  3. A subculture of innovators and the creation of a zone of innovation (Employee Driven Innovation)
  4. Open Innovation
  5. Alignment of digital and innovation transformation
  6. Design thinking for all employees
  7. Integration, sustainable development and innovation
  8. Business Process Innovation-Roadmap for Organization