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Interactive workshops for anyone who wants to learn how to accelerate the development of an innovative workplace culture.


Need a new approach to managing ideas and innovations, building an organizational culture of innovation, learning and sharing knowledge? Lets create your Innovation Zone together!



Through strategic workshops, academies and various trainings, we accelerate the development of your innovative culture and encourage the creativity of your employees.


Move the boundaries of your business. We advise you on how to recognize and develop innovative potential as fast and effective as possible.


Through scientifically validated questionnaers Metrics4Innovation we measure your organizational and innovative culture and monitor your progress.


Through a one-year preparation and certification program we provide you with support in research, training and the empowerment of innovative culture.


With our guidance your internal hackatons, innovation days or similar events will unleash and strengthen your subculture of innovators.

Motivational Speeches

With passion,  we spread the message of the importance of developing an organizational innovative culture.
Because our business is our passion. 



Our approach is unique in that it is authentic and is created by merging our successful business cases and the latest scientific research.
We take you step by step in creating your innovation zone. We use modern methods and approaches, tailored to your measure and goals.

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We come from business, we have a firm foothold in science and we understand how it is to walk a mile in your shoes.
Our business is our passion.



Dr. Emir Džanić

Dr. Emir Džanić

Expert in open innovation and organisational culture

Snježana Šlabek

Snježana Šlabek

Expert on knowledge management, ideas and innovations of employees



Muhamed Ćatić

Muhamed Ćatić

Strategic Advisor

Jeroen Mol

Jeroen Mol

Associate for digital transformation and product development



Mateja Popović

Mateja Popović

Creative Techniques Associate



Petra Kralj

Petra Kralj

Associate for psychological measurements, creative techniques and organizational culture

Why we vare different

We stand firmly behind everything we talk and do.
Our experience in practice and numerous domestic and foreign recognitions are summarized in the unique method we call Culture4Innovation.
Our approach is permeating through everything we do, consisting of positive questioning, design thinking, gamification and other modern methods and approaches to accelerate the development of an innovative culture.


The value of our methods is confirmed through satisfied clients, as well as numerous rewards in business practice and through a number of scientific papers (International Journal of Transitions and Innovation), including doctoral dissertation of our co-founder Dr. Emir Džanić. 

We have led innovative projects that have won the best HR Practices award twice, we have the title “Movers and Shakers” (UK) for knowledge management in organizations, we have participated in TED X events, numerous conferences, scientific and professional conferences.


Satisfied clients are our greatest success.

“A team with good vibrations, which has prompted us to think and left us impatiently awaiting continued cooperation!”

Nina Šahbegović

Human Resources Assistent, Fabrika cementa Lukavac bd.d.

“With the Culture4Innovation team we successfully collaborate for many years on different projects. They are a great combination of expertise, energy, creativity and experience, and what impresses me the most is that they live what they advocate. “

Boris Blumenschein

Director, ILBA

 “Culture4inovation is a cheerful but first of all a seriously eloquent team that possesses a lot of knowledge when it comes to business processes. When you hear the phrase “gamification”, you don’t usually associate it with a business course. But in the workshop you learn that they are connected:  they bring you back to the time when you were a child, encourage you to be creative as a child, bring down all the adopted frames and whether you want it or not – you will be thinking “out of the box”. And practical: You blow balloons, you smudge your fingers from sequin, glue and crayons. And then the changes start to happen to everyone involved in the process and everybody is profiting from them”

Ivana Mišetić

Project Manager, Innovation Center RAZA Zagreb

“In today’s digital age, the motivation of 3.0 is extremely important, and the transformation through which the organizations pass can be substantially faster, easier, more fun and more efficient when employees are motivated and included through gamification.”

Goran Mak

Senior Innovation Specialist, FINA Financial Agency

“Snježana and Emir have shown us that it is possible to inspire the most sleepy minds to brainstorm. It is a pleasure to organize an event with colleagues who are radiating such energy.”


Ivan Jadreško

Associate at the Department of International Affairs and the EU, Croatian Chamber of Commerce-County Chamber Zadar

“Snježana and Emir with their advices and rich experience have greatly helped to create an innovation culture in our company.”



Kristina Briševac

IS Expert, Plavi tim D.O.O. Member INA Group

“Perform work assignments and have fun with it? I think that “work through play” is one of the key motives that releases creativity, wakes up new ideas and triggers a wave of positive teamwork and spirit. I just felt that way as I was attending an education about gamification at work, where in a short timeframe I achieved a fully open relationship in making team assignments with all the other students I had the opportunity to meet. We produced unusual, fun and simple solutions. gamification certainly helps me in, both, business and private environments. ” 

Branka Šagovac

Head of contact centre Affairs, HT Produkcija D.O.O.

“A very inspiring and motivating team that, through extremely practical examples, opens perspectives on how to innovate and create new values in the organization.”

Refija Gagula

HR Associate, Prevent Group